2018 NorCal Masters done!

2018 NorCal Masters comp done for me and Tim

2018 NorCal Masters comp done for me and Tim

Congrats to Tim on several of his PR's at the 2018 NorCal masters comp this weekend. It was a 2 day competition with several events each day. Tim got a PR on his 4 rep max Thruster, 135# Back squat for 18 reps, first time snatching a 53# kettlebell (which he did several times) and had a dedicated cheering section with Tammy and Caitlin. As you can see from the picture all I did was sweat... It was a fun weekend of getting out of our comfort zones and being challenged by great competitors. I hit a few PR's also but really came away with motivation to work on my weaknesses and continue to have fun while getting fit and healthy. Thank you to our community that keeps me motivated on a daily basis by seeing your progress. We all started with Basic Movements, hard work, dedication and consistency with the basics pays off in the long run. Keep grinding and moving forward. 

Special thank you to everyone that came out to cheer us on, it was a long trip and and we both appreciated the support from the Jigsaw community. Tammy, Caitlin, Courtney, Sandy, Coach Cat, Kim, Jamie, Del, Christina, Lilly, Rob and Mama Luk made the trip and got to see us sweat. Maybe next year a few more of our Jigsaw Masters will sign up...???

Sign up for the 2018 CrossFit Open - games.crossfit.com

Workout 01/29/2018

As many rounds as
possible in 15 minutes
*Start with and every 3 minutes
Run 100 meters


Thruster (95#/65#)
Toes 2 bar