Slow and steady

Message from Vikram I received yesterday. Creating habits and mindset changes that lead to long term health and wellness. That’s what we want to do for all of our members, thank you for the kind words and congrats on all your success and here looking forward to continued progress in 2019!

“Happy New Year, Dal!!!!, and Congratulations for exciting news you shared last week about twin baby arrivals. It will be double the fun, double the joy and double the noise :)
I did talked to you about my weight loss before but want to thank you again for amazing 2018 I had. Never though of attending one full year (2018) in cross fit. It has been slow but progressive 2018 for me in terms of my health and fitness. CJ (Crossfit Jigsaw) has been very helpful and supportive.
Credit goes to you and other coaches too in the gym. Lot of positivity and encouragement around. My current weight (193) was in 2013, since then it kept on soaring to 225 in Dec 2017. Sharing the pic of my one year transformation. Still long way to go and hoping for stronger 2019 in CJ”


Workout 01/03/2018

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

50 Double under

10 Burpee

3 Bar muscle up

*Start with and every 3 minutes complete 1 DB complex

DB complex = 12 Deadlift + 9 Hang Power clean + 6 Thruster (55#/40#)

Finisher - For time

100 Shoulder press (45#/35#)

New class!
First class of the new year!

First class of the new year!

With the new year come some new changes

1- Finishers are back! If time allows we will incorporate into the end of classes, this is time to work on stability, skill and volume of movements. Use this as additional practice time, grab a couple friends from class and have fun!

2- Gymnastic class - Starting this Sunday @ 10am for 6 weeks - Coach Russell will be coming in to help you work on your gymnastic skills - building volume, strength and proficiency. This is for all skill levels so come put in the work and lets get better!

Workout 01/02/2018

A - 15 minutes to work up to 3 rep max overhead squat

B - As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes

7 Hang squat Snatch (75#/55#)

7 Push-up

Finisher - 100 banded tricep extension

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Thank you all for a memorable 2018 and we can’t wait to make 2019 an even better year. Thank you to all of our coaches for being the strong support and backbone of our community. Celebrate safe and lets get ready for 2019!

*9am and 12pm classes only today

Workout 01/01/2019

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

19 Calorie (row/bike/ski)

19 Toes 2 bar

19 Goblet squat

19/19 1-Arm Dumbbell push Jerk (50#/35#)

Finisher - 100 sit-ups

Recipe of the week - Chunky Meat and Vegetable soup
Recipe of the week - Chunky Meat and Vegetable soup

Recipe of the week - Chunky Meat and Vegetable soup

Recipe of the week - Chunky Meat and Vegetable soup

Click Here

*12/31 - 9am, 12pm and 3pm classes only

*01/01 - 9am and 12pm classes only

Workout 12/30/2018

A - Death by 10 meters

Setup 2 cones 10 meters apart (roughly 30 feet)

Run 10 meters minute 1 (1 cone)

Run 20 meters minute 2 (2 cones, out and back)

Run 30 meters minute 3 (3 cones)

*Score is last minute with complete reps plus any additional

B - Establish 1 rep max Shoulder press

Game day!
Holiday party today - No classes Saturday 12/29

Holiday party today - No classes Saturday 12/29

Holiday Party + White elephant + Potluck starting at 9am today

No classes Saturday 12/29

Workout 12/29/2018

2018 Holiday party events! rest 5 minutes between events

#1 - As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

Row 250/200 meters (each partner - 2 rowers will be provided)

15/15 Synchronized 1-Arm dumbbell ground to over head (50#/35#)

#2 - As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes (all work is shared, 1 partner working at a time)

30 Toes 2 bar

30 Calorie bike (2 bikes per team)

30 American Kettlebell swing (70#/53#)

30 Calorie bike

#3 - 5 rounds for time (10 minute cap)

20 Alternating burpee step on top of plate

20 Calorie Ski (shared - one ski per team)

No classes Saturday 12/29

Jigsaw holiday party + white elephant gift exchange + Potluck Saturday 12/29 starting at 9am

Partners have been picked and workouts will be released tomorrow evening, all inclusive and fun. Shirts have arrived so pick yours up now!

Workout 12/28/2018

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes


Wall ball (20#/14#)

Power clean (115#/80#)

It beings today!
Fitness Wav is here today!

Fitness Wav is here today!

Remember your bathing suits and towels for Hydrostatic Body Fat testing today! Still time to book an appointment with this link -

*No classes this Saturday 12/29 - Jigsaw holiday party, white elephant and potluck starting at 9am, come by and still time to sign up.

Workout 12/27/2018

10 rounds for time

5/5 1 Arm hang Kettlebell snatch (70#/53#)

10 Burpee

30 Double under