Before and after

Keep this area clear!

Keep this area clear!

Public service announcement, for the most part we all do a great job of keeping our gym functioning and clean by putting our stuff away. Let's make sour that apples to the equipment in the front room also, if you can notice the difference between the blocks being scattered versus organized there is much more space to work with. If you notice anyone left their equipment out please give them a reminder or help out and keep things organized. Thanks

*No classes Saturday 06/24 - Battle of the Badges competition

Workout 06/22/2017

A - Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

3 Shoulder press (80% + 5#, same load all sets)

B - Teams of 3 (or 2 if needed)

150 Ground to overhead (75#/55#)

125 Box jump (24"/20")

100 Toes 2 bar

*1 partner working at a time, share a box and a toes 2 bar station