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Free Body composition testing!

Want to get a free 3D scan and BodPod for your body composition? Fitness Wave is doing a large study on different types of body composition testing and different ethnic groups. If you fail into the requirements of what they are looking for or refer friends you can get free testing! Here are the details, they will be here at Jigsaw on Wednesday 07/31

Needed ** Hispanic male/female or African American male - you get the following for free!

  • Bodpod body fat

  • 3d scan

  • the also get $40 for participating and free follow up 3d scan

OTHERS - refer your friends that fall into the ethnic categories and you get the following!

  • Free scan for every referral

Spread the word and get them signed up with the following link -

Workout 07/23/2019

A - Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes

10 Back Squats (escalating loads)

B - 1 attempt max touch and go power clean (135/95)

*15 Rep Minimum