Challenge accepted

Coach Sam judging Lori during 18.3

Coach Sam judging Lori during 18.3

18.3 was a challenge in several ways and I liked it. Acquiring and honing the skills needed to perform the workout is the first challenge, then there is the volume of each movement and being able to perform the reps quickly, and then to top it off can you keep moving from one movement to the next and complete 2 rounds within 14 minutes! Many of you did this workout and performed many feats you did not expect, from the volume of double unders to pull-ups to muscle-up volume, skills need to be honed in practice and capacity is gained with intensity. Keep working the skills and drills we coach and practice in warmup, progress comes in small steps and can be a long journey. There are no short cuts, the amazing feats you see from others come with practice and dedication. Keep at it!

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Workout 03/12/2018

As many rounds as possible
in 10 minutes


Overhead squat (95#/65#)
Toes 2 bar