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Meet Patrick and Logan

Meet Patrick and Logan

Hello from Patrick and Logan. They wanted to send the following message to everyone.

Thank you for all the messages checking in on us, sorry we kept mom and dad so busy they might not have had time to reply. We are doing well, just working on learning our basic movements: breathing, eating, sleeping, sweating and of course pooping… Soon enough we will will have the basics down and be able to come home. Can’t wait to meet everyone once we are stronger! - Patrick & Logan

I will be back in coaching classes this week but limited to the morning and early afternoon classes only. Thanks you to the coaches for pitching in and covering for me on such short notice. I can still be reached by email as needed but will not be around in the evenings until the boy are discharged. Reach out to me with any questions, thanks.


Workout 01/28/2019

A - 15 minutes to establish

2 rep max Hang Snatch

B - For time


Burpee jump on plate (45#)

Jumping lunge (front foot on plate) (x2 reps)