How hard can you go?

Part B of todays workout is a but of a mental test of how hard you can push under fatigue. For those of you that are proficient in the Ski, assault bike and row shoot for a score under 5 minutes. Mu advice - pace the ski to accomplish under 2 min, sprint the bike and hang on during the row. If you aren't falling over at the end of this you did not go hard enough.... Line up with someone that will push you and see who can make it to the finish the fastest 

Workout  05/10/2017

A - Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes

6 Back squat (escalating load)

B - Sprint triathlon

Ski 500 meter

Assault bike 35/30 calorie

Row 500 meter

*Stagger start in larger classes, everyone starts at the Ski