How intense can you make it?

Intensity not volume

Intensity not volume

"Be impressed by Intensity not Volume" - Greg Glassman

Today's workout is right in line with this quote, workouts that push intensity level are more effective than just doing high volume. Can you go unbroken on all these movements and really sprint the finish? Will you scale accordingly to get close to your breaking point of moving as fast as you can or just to go RX but not as fast and take breaks? Row hard, move fast, don't drop the ball and look at it or come off the pull-up bar, sprint the finish! This workout is meant to be done unbroken and fast, let's see how intense you can get.

Workout 08/23/2017

3 rounds - each for time, rest as needed between rounds

20/17 Calorie Row

20 Slam Ball (40#/30#)

20 Pull-up

200 Meter sprint

*Score each round for time