I couldn't sit still....

Organization and space changes...

Organization and space changes...

"Change is inevitable, complaining is optional...."

It had been a while since I moved equipment around and I decided to change that this weekend. If you haven't noticed yet things have been rearranged and other space most of you never see got organized and cleaned. There is still more to be done and testing out how things work but take note of where things have moved and please make sure things are placed in their new homes. Thanks.

Workout 08/01/2017

A - Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

5 Back squat (escalating load)

B - Alternating every :30 seconds for 10 minutes

5 Burpee (jump on top of plate 45#, must be facing plate)

Max Slam ball (40#/30#)

Score is number of total slam ball completed