Well that was not expected.... Baby A & B, Patrick and Logan, decided to make their debut early Sunday morning. We are in good hands at UCSF as Courtney is recovering quickly and the boys are getting the care they need for coming out early. Like I mentioned last week we have a temporary backup plan with our coaches. This is a team effort and thank you to our coaches for taking on the extra classes to cover for me at this important time. Thank you to everyone that has sent a message or share good thoughts with us, Patrick and Logan can’t to meet all of you too once they are strong enough!

*please excuse if posts aren’t timed well or formatted the same during the next few weeks

Workout 01/21/2019

4 rounds for time

7 Thrusters (155#/105#) 

14 Overhead Lunges

21 Calorie (bike/ski/row) coaches choice per individual  

Finisher - For quality 100 hollow roll to Superman 

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