It's gotta be the shoes

Randy and his new Nike lifting shoes

Randy and his new Nike lifting shoes

Randy breaking in his new Nike lifting shoes this weekend. What do lifting shoes do? They give you a slight incline for more ankle mobility plus a solid and stable platform to press against. This can be beneficial for any of the olympic lifts or squatting in classes. They are not good fro running and jumping or anything else that doesn't involve a squat. Should you buy a pair? For most people I say no, they are an investment (especially the newer models) and if you aren't focusing on those lifts and just here for general fitness an all around show will serve you well. Just like any other stimulus we talk about we want variance, so even if own a pair don't always use them. Challenge your positions and see if you can achieve them with and without the use of lifting shoes.

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Workout 05/31/2017

A - Alternating every :15 seconds for 8 minutes

3 Burpee

4 Slam ball (40#/30)

B - As many rounds as possible in 9 minutes

6 Overhead squat (135#/95#)

3 bar Muscle up