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Coach AJ will be out for a procedure this coming week

Coach AJ will be out for a procedure this coming week

Coach AJ will be undergoing a procedure on his hip today and be out for a week. Read his story on below. Heal fast AJ!

We all have aches and pain. Pain is a function of the nervous system, and most of the time the pain we feel is our body just relaying to our brain that something dangerous is happening in our external environment and we need to find safety. This is a good thing, it lets you know that you don’t want to fall out of a tree more than once, or if you're standing too close to the campfire. Because we are such smart animals we have conjured ways to trick our bodies to our advantage. For example, on the round of 15’s in Fran your body thinks some world ending catastrophe is happening around it, but we know that everything in our environment is fine and if you can push through that “pain” then your body will actually adapt and garner huge amounts of fitness! Cool, right? But when pain originates from the internal environment of the body, whether its in your organs, bones, or joints, there are much different implications.

Which brings me to story time! 

This weekend I will be having surgery to begin the process of fixing a long term injury. From a combination of a deformed bone, a life time of athletic activity, and the occasional traumatic injury, there is a significant labral tear in my right hip. The labrum is a layer of fibrocartilage lining the hip socket which serves to stabilize the head of the femur (thigh bone). The first time the tear was diagnosed was in 2010, but the pain wasn’t significant enough for me to feel I needed surgery at the time. However, if left untreated much longer osteoarthritis in the hip will soon set in. So, time to fix it!

The surgery will be a arthroscopic procedure, they will be going in through small incisions with a camera and some tools. They are going to shave off the bone deformity at the head of the femur and reattach the torn parts of the labrum. Fortunately, there is very high success rate of athletes getting back to full capacity! (A-Rod had the same surgery, just saying…)

Immediately after surgery I will be strictly on crutches for two weeks, and will be embarking on a three month rehab process to get back up to speed. To say I have some ideas for rehab strategies is an understatement! I am very excited to start this journey. Though it is one step backward, I believe it will be three steps forward in the long run. 

Stay tuned to the blog because I will periodically be posting updates about the rehab process! See you guys in about a week.

-Coach AJ

*We are closed Sunday 04/17 for Easter

Workout 04/14/2017

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

50 Double under

30 Wall ball (20#/14#)

5 Ring muscle up (sub x2 chest to bar pull-up)