LiftUpAutism event - sign up now!

Lift Up Autism event 09/23/2017

Lift Up Autism event 09/23/2017

Save the date and sign up now, we will host the LiftUpAutism event on Saturday 09/23/2017. More event details to come as we get near the date. We had a great turnout and raised the most most funds in the world last year with hundreds of gyms participating. Let's start the efforts to spread the word and out match what we accomplished back then. Click the link to sign up and get your shirt in time, friends, family and anyone welcome to come participate with registration. 

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Workout 08/10/2017

For time

40 Calorie Row or Ski

40 Slam ball (40#/30#)

40 Box Jump (24"/20")

40 Push-up

40 Plate sit-up