Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity.

What's your focus during a workout?

What's your focus during a workout?

What does it take to acquire new skills? Get in better positions? Why does it matter? Have you ever been bored in class drilling movements before a workout? Wonder why a coach is asking you to scale a workout?

We do this on purpose! We want you to move well and moving well doesn't magically happen. From your first rep to your last rep of whatever movement you are doing focus on being in good positions and perfecting the mechanics of the movement and in no time you will being in advance. The basics lay the path way to advancement, if you are off the path it's an uphill battle with slow progression. Stay on track and let us coaches help guide you!

Workout 08/25/2017

As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes

Buy in - 1 mile run (2 x 800 meter)

7 Thruster (135#/95#)

5 Burpee over bar

1 Rope climb