More morning classes coming!

More 6am classes starting in 2018!

More 6am classes starting in 2018!

We are adding 6am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this will be for a 2 month trial basis starting on 01/02/2018. Here is why you should be coming to 6am classes

1 - You set the standard for the top time/score on the days workout

2 - You get to have the rest of the day worry free after getting your fitness in

3 - Only the dedicated and hardworking make it in that early

4 - Coach Paige will be here bright and early to help get you moving

5 - The early bird does get the worm 

Workout 12/27/2018

3 Rounds for time
(20 minute cap)

Run 400 meter
30 Deadlift (185#/125#)
20 Burpee over the bar