New class!

First class of the new year!

First class of the new year!

With the new year come some new changes

1- Finishers are back! If time allows we will incorporate into the end of classes, this is time to work on stability, skill and volume of movements. Use this as additional practice time, grab a couple friends from class and have fun!

2- Gymnastic class - Starting this Sunday @ 10am for 6 weeks - Coach Russell will be coming in to help you work on your gymnastic skills - building volume, strength and proficiency. This is for all skill levels so come put in the work and lets get better!

Workout 01/02/2018

A - 15 minutes to work up to 3 rep max overhead squat

B - As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes

7 Hang squat Snatch (75#/55#)

7 Push-up

Finisher - 100 banded tricep extension