No classes Saturday 06/08


Nandita helped test out a workout for the 3rd annual Barbells and Badges competition we will be hosting on Saturday 06/08/2019. We will not have classes that day but come out to see the competition, there will be raffle prizes, a food truck and lots of fun cheering on the competitors for a good cause.

Workout 06/03/2019

As many unbroken rounds as possible in 30 min:

Deadlift (95/65) 5 reps

Power clean 5 reps

Back squat 5 reps

Shoulder to overhead 5 reps

Front squat 5 reps

*Barbell cannot rest on the ground at any time during the round. Incomplete rounds do not count, if the bar rests on the ground at any point during the round… the round is over, it doesn’t count. Rest as needed between rounds. Keep the same load for the entire 30 minutes, aim for a minimum of 20 rounds