Odd objects and changes coming!

Working with odd objects is a closer representation to real life movements, challenge yourself with a new implement today!

Changes to schedule effective 11/05

*6am classes will start at 5:30am Monday - Friday

*Cardio classes will only be Tuesday and Thursday 8-8:30pm and Saturday 8-8:30am

*Olympic Lifting classes canceled, new program/class T.B.A.

Workout 10/29/2018

For time (20 minute cap)

Run 800 meters

30 Front squat

30 Toes 2 Bar

30 Burpee box jump (24"/20")

Run 1 mile

*Front squat with an odd object, share as needed

Sandbag (80#/60#)

Double Kettlebell/Dumbbell (50#/35#)

D-ball (100#/80#)