PR! and things to consider

We eclipsed 100 member attendance in a single day!

We eclipsed 100 member attendance in a single day!

Monday was a Jigsaw PR! We eclipsed 100 member attendance in a single day! What a great start to the year with all the new faces we have coming in too. With all the new members and bigger class sizes there are a few things to keep in mind. 

1 - Be on time, larger classes means coaches are prepping warmups based on who is there on time

2 - Show the new person how we do things, if someone looks lost give them a helping hand

3 - Remember when you started and the encouragement your fellow members gave you to keep pushing and finish a hard workout

4 - Let your coaches do their job, come in ready to be motivated and led by your coaches save the extra conversations for the cool down and be attentive to what coaches are asking you to do

5 - Hygiene is important, personal hygiene becomes more than personal when you are sweating and in close proximity. Deodorant and/or antiperspirant are a must if you have questions ask a coach

 *With larger class sizes we will adjust programing, this may take some trial and error so be ready to adapt on the fly. Also a reminder that classes always have preference to equipment and space, if you are working on the side talk to a coach to make sure space and equipment is available. 

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Workout 01/24/2018

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes

30 American Kettlebell
swing (53#/35#)
15 Push-up
10 Front Rack lunge