Pyramid to plate

New look pyramid to plate

New look pyramid to plate

This past December we held our Crossfit Jigsaw Back to Basics Challenge.  With the knowledge, the accountability and the community support, the challenge was quite a success. We applied principles of focusing on food quality and accountability.

We had 21 members who committed to a 6 week challenge and as a whole this group lost 84 pounds!  This was by far the biggest turnout!  It was all about accountability and this group was supportive and motivating.

Everyone in the challenge worked hard but the winners had some overwhelming similarities that helped them win this challenge. They joined our FB group, where they shared food recipes and got support from each other, logged their meals, worked out consistently but most importantly, they adhered to their plan and kept themselves accountable. Each one of the winners were consistent and made no excuses. They knew it would be tough, but they pushed through all the obstacles!

Great job to everyone who participated in the challenge. It was rewarding to see everyone's progress, learning about nutrition and applying it to your lives.  Keep up the great work, make it lifestyle and be on the lookout for the next challenge!!

Coach Cat

Most Fat% Loss: 1st Place - Tony S. Fat Loss: -4.43% , 2nd Place - Ken V. 

Fat Loss: -4.16% , 3rd Place - Alicia V. Fat Loss: -3.8% 

Most Lean Muscle Mass gain # - 1st Place - Kat S.- Lean Muscle: +2.58# , 2nd Place - Marco V. Lean Muscle:  +1.49# , 3rd Place - Rich S Lean Muscle: +1.21# 

Most Points (Food Log/ 205 max points) - 1st Place - Ken V - 197 points , 2nd Place - Beth W. - 196 points, 3rd Place- Raj Y - 192 points

Workout 02/12/2019

A - 4 sets: (:30 sec/:15 sec)

Goblet Squat


KB summo DL

Side Plank

Push up

Side Plank

B - Sumo Deadlift

8-8-8 (escalating load)