Recap of USAW Masters Nationals

Lift, Squat and Sweat supporting Del in Savannah 

Lift, Squat and Sweat supporting Del in Savannah 

Del finished 5th in her age and weight division at Masters Nationals in Savannah, Georgia this weekend. She went 5/6 on her lifts totaling 62/72 = 134 kilos which was an 11 kilo total PR for her! What a great experience for her and seeing all the hard work she put in leading up to the event pay off. Congrats Del and thank you once again to the Jigsaw community that helped us fundraise during our "Can't Call for help" event. 

*Friday Night lights for Open 17.4 on 03/17. Theme for this week is to wear green!

Workout 03/14/2017

A - Every :90 seconds for 15 minutes

Power Clean + Below the knee power clean + below the knee clean (escalating load)

B - Max reps in 1 minute, rest 1 minute x 2

Dumbbell thruster (50#/35#)

Immediately after second attempt run 800 meters for time