Recipe of the week = Community + 4 years of Fun

First workout and class at Jigsaw

First workout and class at Jigsaw

John signing the wall where Josh's head went into it.... 

John signing the wall where Josh's head went into it.... 

4 years later... Happy birthday to Jigsaw! Today is our 4 year anniversary, lots of sweat. high fives, laughs, memories, moments and fun. Thank you to all of our members past and present for being a part of the journey and getting us to where we are today.

Thank you to our coaches that create the fun atmosphere and environment to keep our community growing. We would not be here as a community without them leading the way. 

On the left is the first class ever at Jigsaw, Coach Samantha before she was coaching and Michelle  were the first ones to drop sweat in a class. On the right is from our first anniversary party when we had sumo suits and John put Josh's head into a wall (no one was hurt)... Luckily that that wall was going to be coming down anyways as that night I announced we were expanding. No more holes in walls please... 

Come out today to celebrate 4 years, normal schedule with the first ever workout programmed at Jigsaw and potluck starting at 12pm. 

*Holiday Schedule Monday 09/04 - 9am class only

Workout 09/03/2017

A - Deadlift 5-5-5 (15 minutes to complete)

B - 5 rounds for time

8 Deadlift (155#/105#)

4 Hang power clean

Run 400 meter

Finisher - 50 Hollow rocks