Rolled out of bed to do this...

Last Saturday Joe and I completed our first sprint duathlon. It consisted of a 1 mile run, 8 mile bike and 5k run. It was a challenge we both wanted to take on and see where our fitness in these elements was at. I believe I won the battle for most sweat while Joe crushed the course, it was about an hour total of sustained effort on the 3 events. It was fun to be challenged by something new and weather permitting I’ll be working on getting my bike skills up to par and learning how to navigate hills…. Thanks for the push Joe and congrats on completing the event, we might take on the swing portion for a sprint triathlon next time…

Workout 11/10/2018

Teams of 3, as many reps as possible in 20 minutes

20/15 calorie row

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Thruster (50#/35#)


*rotate when partner completes row