Rules and details

White elephant gift exchange this Saturday!

White elephant gift exchange this Saturday!

Our holiday party is this Saturday! We will start off with our team competition, followed by our white elephant gift exchange and tacos!

White elephant gift exchange -  limit $20/gift, we will have rules on stealing gifts and other details the day of the event.

Partner competition events - they will be fun, short and inclusive. We will have heat times setup for teams so arrive on time. First heat will be at 9:15am, it will be gauntlet style with heats of teams following the first group until all teams have completed the workouts. Workouts to be released on Thursday 12/14. Please bring cash for your entrance fee, drop it off to dal at anytime this week. 

Food - A taco truck will be setup with fresh cooked meats and condiments, feel free to bring an appetizer/desserts/drinks to share. 

Workout 12/12/2017

A - Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes

5 Overhead squat (escalating load)

B -  100 reps for time

1 minute Ski (calories)

1 minute Wall Ball (20#/14#)

1- Arm dumbbell snatch (50#/35#)

*Score is time needed to accumulate 100 reps