Space is space

Using every bit of space we have...

Using every bit of space we have...

We had a great turnout for 4th of July and we had to get creative and use every bit of space we had available. It's always fun to have a large group show up on holidays, be sure to be on time and be ready to adapt to whatever we need to do to facilitate the workout. 

*Going away potluck BBQ for Diane next Friday 07/14 @ 7pm. Come out to say good bye and Diane will be leaving to get ready for the 2017 CrossFit Games and moving out of state. Say good bye as she leaves on her next journey. 

Workout 07/08/2017

Teams of 2, one partner working at a time

2 rounds for time

50 Overhead lunge (135#/95#)

50 Wall ball (20#/14#)

50 Front rack lunge

50 Pull-up