Spring Fling recap

Our 4 team that competed at CrossFit Pleasanton this weekend

Our 4 team that competed at CrossFit Pleasanton this weekend

What happened this weekend?? Here are some highlights from the competition this weekend. 

Jigsaw Red - Sean and Mary - Competition veterans placed 7th, sticking to their plans and rotations they made their way through the chipper workout by playing to their strengths. Add this as more experience and motivation to test themselves in the future.

Jigsaw White - Paige and Brock - Not only both taking part in their first competition but also in the RX division placed 9th. Practice paid off for these two, pacing the 3rd workout that featured synchronized snatches and burpees. They communicated well and knew how to keep in step with each other

Jigsaw blue - Emil and Jamie - Finished 6th just outside the cut for the final workout. Emil showcased his strength with multiple thrusters at 215# and Jamie kept pace with Emil on the snatches by hitting the last 9 in a row @ 75# to finish workout #3!

Jigsaw Green - Courtney and dal - 2nd place finish. With the crowd we had cheering us on Courtney lead the team with her steady pace and un-phased body language. Impressing not only the crowd but our judge who was amazed by the amount of unbroken reps she would complete to give me rest. It was a great balance in each of us playing to our strengths to help the team. 

I overheard so many people talking about the massive support we had come out to cheer us on, thank you to everyone that was there to cheer and celebrate the great moments from all of our teams. You were a big part of all the accomplishments for all the teams we had out there. Couldn't be more proud of our community.

Workout 04/24/2017

For time - 20 minute cap 

Run 400 meter

20 Toes 2 Bar

20 burpee

Run 400 meter

20 Calorie row

20 Box jump (24"/20")

Run 400 meter

20 Calorie Ski

20 Slam ball (40#/30#)

Run 400 meter

20 Calorie Assault bike

20 American kettle bell swing (53#/35#)