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Welcome John
Coach John's first official class at Jigsaw 

Coach John's first official class at Jigsaw 

Welcome our newest Coach to Jigsaw, John has an extensive background in athletic training and brings great energy. Please welcome him as he will be coaching classes in the evenings for now. We are still on the search for more coaches, if you are interested or know of someone please get in touch with me . 

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Workout 02/07/2018

Alternating every minute on the minute x 5 rounds

Assault bike (:20 seconds for calories)
Dumbbell Push Jerk (50#/35#)
Lateral jump over PVC (24"/20")

*Score is total reps

Not official yet but we are close...

All scores have not yet been verified but it looks like Diane will be heading back to the CrossFit Games again this year! Congrats to her and all the hard work she puts in. Get ready to cheer her on in July as she goes to Columbus, Ohio to compete

Workout 04/27/2017

For time 

Run 400 meter

20 American Kettle bell swing (53#/35#)

10 Chest to bar pull-up

Run 800 meter

30 American kettle bell swing

15 Chest to bar pull-up

Run 400 meter

20 American kettle bell swing

10 Chest to bar pull-up

Good luck team Jigsaw!

Good luck to our teams competing today, we will post updates on our social media sites through the competition. Keep up to date on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Workout 04/22/2017

For time - 25 minute cap

Teams of 2 - 1 partner working at a time, switch at any point

60 Calorie Assault bike (partner must hold deadlift)

60 Wall ball (20#/14#)

60 Deadlift (225#/155#)

60 Toes 2 Bar

60 Pull-up

60 Box jump (24"/20")

Saturday plans??

We have 4 teams competing this weekend at CrossFit Pleasanton 2nd annual Spring Fling. Sean and Mary, Emil and Jamie, Brock and Paige, Courtney and I. Come out and cheer on our teams, heat times are posted on the events page. 

Workout 04/20/2017

As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes at each station, rest 2 minutes between stations 

1 - Row (meters)

2 - 6 Russian kettle bell swing (80#/60#) + 4 Strict Ring Dip

3 - Ski (meters)

4 - 6 Dumbell hang cluster (50#/35#) + 1 rope climb

Push hard
5pm class getting after some interval sprints 

5pm class getting after some interval sprints 

Why is the Assault Bike so hard?? Short interval sprints are taxing and can get you anaerobic and aerobic benefits. When there is a short sprint see how fast and hard you can go, recover and repeat!

*Closed Sunday 04/16 for Easter

*Shirt orders due today 04/12

Workout 04/12/2017

For load

"Bear Complex"


Each complex consists of 7 rounds of

Power clean + Front squat + Push Press + Back squat + Push press

Each complex must be performed unbroken, touch and go reps from the ground. Rest as needed between sets

Public notice
Secure your valuables and don't leave them in the car

Secure your valuables and don't leave them in the car

Public service announcement - Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle, one of our members had their window broken but luckily no valuables taken the other night. Let's all do our part and as we come in and out of classes take note of our surroundings and if there is any suspicious activity. Thank you


Workout 03/01/2017

A - Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes 

7 Push Jerks (escalating load)

B - Perform each couplet for time, rest as needed (scale to finish each couplet under 3 minutes and if possible perform them in the order listed)

#1 - 1 minute row (calories) + Thrusters (95#/65)

#2 - 1 minute ski (calories) + American kettle bell swing (70#/53#)

#3 -1 minute assault bike (calories) + Slam ball (40#/30#)

*You must accomplish 50 reps for each couplet, i.e. if you row 20 calories in 1 minute you must complete 30 thrusters to total 50 reps, go hard, fast and unbroken!