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Tax Season

Sindu works in the accounting field and this is the busy time of year for her. She is still making time for her fitness by coming into the 5:30 am classes as this is the only time her schedule allows. You can make excuses or make better choices, it’s up to you. Good job with the consistency Sindu!

Workout 01/29/2019

1 Round for time every 4 minutes x 5

12/10 Calorie Bike

12 Toes 2 Bar

20'/20' Handstand walk

Vacation mode
Umesh keeping up with his fitness while on vacation

Umesh keeping up with his fitness while on vacation

Umesh is keeping up with his workouts even while traveling in Sydney for vacation. It always fun to see where our members are dropping in at while on vacation, send me pics whenever you drop into a new gym!

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Workout 12/20/2018

Deadlift - find 8 rep max

Must buy in with 10/8 calorie Bike for each attempt, overhand grip only

60 second window to complete each attempt

Holiday Schedule!

Holliday Schedule, please make note of class times and closures.

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Workout 12/18/2018

1 round for time every 4 minutes x 5 sets

7 Squat clean (135#/95#)

6 Burpee over bar

5 Chest to bar pull-up

1 Rope Climb (legless)