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Meet Patrick and Logan

Meet Patrick and Logan

Hello from Patrick and Logan. They wanted to send the following message to everyone.

Thank you for all the messages checking in on us, sorry we kept mom and dad so busy they might not have had time to reply. We are doing well, just working on learning our basic movements: breathing, eating, sleeping, sweating and of course pooping… Soon enough we will will have the basics down and be able to come home. Can’t wait to meet everyone once we are stronger! - Patrick & Logan

I will be back in coaching classes this week but limited to the morning and early afternoon classes only. Thanks you to the coaches for pitching in and covering for me on such short notice. I can still be reached by email as needed but will not be around in the evenings until the boy are discharged. Reach out to me with any questions, thanks.


Workout 01/28/2019

A - 15 minutes to establish

2 rep max Hang Snatch

B - For time


Burpee jump on plate (45#)

Jumping lunge (front foot on plate) (x2 reps)

It's that time of year again..

It’s that time of year again… the 2019 CrossFit open is 40 days away! Get yourself signed up and once again we will have our Friday Night Lights for the 5 weeks of the Open with different themes each week. Come participate with 200,000+ others around the world testing their fitness and having fun in the process. What’s your guess for 19.1???

Sign up here (it’s only $20) -

Workout 01/15/2019

2 minutes max reps at each station, 2 minutes rest between stations

Bike (calories)

Ski (calories)

Row (calories)

Double Db G2OH (40#/30#)

Strict Handstand push-up

Finisher - 100 Pistol for quality

Weekend plans...
Congrats to Sean and Mary!

Congrats to Sean and Mary!

Congrats to Sean and Mary, they competed at the Crush Games in Fairfield on Saturday. They faced some tough tests of fitness with multiple workouts ranging in time and loading. Sean finished in a tie for 5th place just narrowly missing competing in the final workout for the mens RX division. Mary took 1st overall in the scaled division with a dominating performance. Congrats to both of them in getting out of their comfort zone and putting their fitness to the test!

Workout 01/14/2019

For time

30 Power Clean and Jerk (95#/65#)

10 Chest to bar pull-up

30 Power Snatch

10 Chest to bar pull-up

30 Front squat

10 Chest to bar pull-up

30 Overhead squat

10 Chest to bar pull-up

Finisher - 100 Banded glute bridges for quality

Use medium - thick band, 15 - 20 reps at a time, pause at top, toes straight, feet flat driving heels into ground, tight mid line

Recipe of the week - Oven Baked Margherita Chicken
Recipe of the week - Oven Baked Margherita Chicken

Recipe of the week - Oven Baked Margherita Chicken

Recipe of the week - Oven Baked Margherita Chicken

Click Here

*Gymnastics class today at 10am

Workout 01/13/2019

A - Front squat

15 minutes to establish 2 rep max

B - As many rounds as possible in 7 minutes

7 Jumping Back squat (45#/35#)

7 Shoulder press

Finisher - 100 V-up for quality

Work on starting and finishing in hollow body position

That was quick...
Fall to winter…

Fall to winter…

We quickly went from Fall weather to Winter and hit a cold spell, luckily with the rain comes warmer temperatures. Keep in mind we do take the weather into consideration while planning workouts and if things change unexpectedly we will make changes on the fly. Come on time for warmups as they are extra important this time of year. An easy way to stay warm is to do 10 burpees as fast as you can, guaranteed to get your blood flowing and warm you right up…

Workout 01/09/2018

For time (20 minute cap)

50 Hang power clean (95#/65#)

100 Double unders

50 Push Jerk

100 Double under

50 Deadlift

100 Double under

25 Hang power clean

100 Double under

25 Push Jerk

100 Double under

25 Deadlift

100 Double under

Finisher - 100 Banded curls for speed and full range of motion

(use lightest band, fast aggressive reps with elbows locked in)

Good luck Sean and Mary

Good luck to Sean and Mary as they are kicking off the near year by testing their fitness at a local competition. It will be held in Fairfield on Saturday, check the link for detail and we will post updates as we get them on Saturday. The Crush Games

Workout 01/08/2019

For time (12 minute cap)

150 Wall ball (20#/14#)

*Start with and every 2 minutes 4 power clean (135#/95#)

Finisher - For time

100 Double unders

*If you can go unbroken, rest 2 minutes x 3