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Holiday Schedule next Monday
Holiday Schedule next Monday for Memorial Day

Holiday Schedule next Monday for Memorial Day

Keep up to date with holiday schedule and upcoming events on our events page. We will only have 1 class next Monday 05/29 for Memorial Day. Class will be at 9am - 11am, we will continue our annual tradition with the workout "Murph". This is a well know Hero workout many gyms around the world will be hosting on this date, come get an early sweat on and then enjoy the rest of your day. 

Workout 05/23/2016

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes


Hang power clean (95#/65#)


*Start with and every 2 minutes perform 2 Strict muscle up, must be completed within 1 minute

April showers bring May PR's?

April PR borad had a lot of great accomplishments, let's take that momentum into May with the warmer weather and fill that board up again!

Workout 05/02/2017

Teams of 2 

For time

Row 100 calories

100 Burpee

100 Toes 2 bar (scale x 2 sit-up)

Ski 100 calories

*Switch as needed, go fast on the row and ski. Larger classes start on ski and finish on rower