The only way it works -Battle of the Badges 2017

Battle of the Badges 2017 volunteers and podium

Battle of the Badges 2017 volunteers and podium

Top - volunteers from Battle of the Badges and the only reason we can have events and run them successfully is because of our community and people willing to give time to help. I ask a lot of our volunteers the day of the event and this group came through with a well run, judged, coordinated and fun event. I cannot thank everyone in the top picture enough for their efforts, I don't have the final tally but I estimate we raised over $3,000 for Special Olympics by putting on this event! 

Bottom - Podium picture, we had a tie for first place and rather than do 1 more workout they opted to share the victory and prizes, we had a bunch of sponsors step up and donate some great prizes. This also helped us be able to make a bigger donation to Special olympics, thank you to the athletes that came to compete and made this an exciting event to watch.

Workout 06/26/2017

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

4 Burpee over the bar

3 Hang power clean (135#/95#)

Rest 4 minutes

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes

5 Hang power clean (185#/125#)

8 Toes 2 bar