Throwdown is a go 09/22!

Jigsaw throwdown is all set for 09/22

Jigsaw throwdown is all set for 09/22

We will be hosting our 6th annual Jigsaw Throwdown on 09/22/2018. Thank you to the volunteers that make this event possible. We have been doing this event annually and made it our mission to run this as a charitable event. We have found a great cause to rally behind and donate all proceeds from the event each year. This year we are still determining where to donate the funds but we will find a good cause and put on a great event so we can make the most positive impact. Help spread the word to get teams registered, there is a $20 discount for teams that register prior to 08/06 using the code "Jigsaw". Check the link for more details 

Register here

Workout 07/27/2018

A - Front Squat 


B - As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes

8 Lateral Jump over PVC pipe (24"/20")
8 Slam ball (40#/30#)