Upgraded and replaced!

what the new rope should look like...

what the new rope should look like...

We upgraded the rope and replaced the old worn ones, this is what the ropes should look like at the end of each class! Please make sure you are putting them away in the correct spot and fashion, if you need help ask a coach. There are 2 different rope thicknesses per size now so be aware some will be faster than others. A jump rope is one of the few investment you should make for your own personal equipment. If you need help deciding what rope is best for you ask us and we will give you advice.

*The weather will be getting warmer the next few days, hydrate through the day!

*Holiday Schedule Monday 09/04 - 9am class only

Workout 08/31/2017

Teams of 2 complete the following, switch as needed 27 minute cap

100 Calorie row
10 Rope climb (sub 2 x lay to stand)
100 Wall ball (20#/14#)
30 Bar Muscle up (sub chest to bar pull-up/jumping 1:1)
100 Wall ball
10 Rope climb
100 Calorie Assault bike

*depending on class size we will stagger start or have a group start on bike, rx = starting on row