Weekend Fitness!


This dedicated groups started off their Sunday morning with a 5k run at Hellyer Park. They all finished strong with some of them placing in their age groups! Congrats on the accomplishments and keep up the consistent training.

Coach Samantha - 1st, Kevin - 1st, Rob and Sean 2nd, Jamie - 2nd and Paul - 3rd

Workout 03/27/2018


For time:
• 100 pull-ups
• 100 push ups
• 100 sit-ups
• 100 squats

30 minute cap

*This was my very first CrossFit workout, lets see what 10 years of training has done. It took me 50+ minutes to complete back in 2007 with various scaling options on the fly as I was in way over my head. Scaling appropriately is important to get the proper stimulus from a workout like this, heed your coaches advice!