What we did for Veterans Day

Jordan and his family surviving Hurricane Harvey

Jordan and his family surviving Hurricane Harvey

I reached out to a friend that lives in the Houston area and asked him if he knew of anyone that needed help after Hurricane Harvey. He mentioned Josh as a coach at his CrossFit gym that was hit hard. This made why we would host our 5th Annual Jigsaw Throwdown all come together and fitting that we can make this donation on Veterans day.

This is Josh and Jordan Becker they have 3 kids, Ellie age 3, Kinsey age 2, and Lincoln who was born on August 11th, 2017. Josh was in the US Marine Corps for 8 years and served in Iraq in 2010. They met at Texas A&M and moved to Houston after graduation. This was their first home purchase and they moved in less than a year ago in October of 2016. They lost their home, cars and other valuables from Hurricane Harvey.

From the proceeds of our 5th annual Jigsaw Throwdown we are able to contribute $2,000 to help them rebuild their home and hopefully get back to some normalcy. Thank you to all the volunteers, participants, vendors and spectators, you are the reason we were able to help this family and hope this can help them go a long way with recovery. Stay Strong. 

Workout 11/11/2017

As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes, rest 2 minutes

#1 - 5 Power clean (95#/65#)

5 Toes 2 bar

#2 - 5 Power clean (135#/95#)

5 Pull-up

#3 - 5 Power clean (185#/125#)

5 Chest to bar pull-up

*Teams of 2, alternate rounds with a partner