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Burgers and Brew..

Do you like Burgers? Beer? Come out this Saturday to Burgers and Brew Fest in downtown Fremont from 11am to 4pm. Burger cooking competition and lots of breweries to choose from. Check this link for more details and tasting packages.

Workout 05/21/2019


Rest 2 Minutes Between

A) Row 50/40 Cal

Max Push Up

B) Ski 50/40 Cal

Max Air Squat

C) Run 600 meters

Max Strict Handstand Push up

D) Bike 50/40 Cal

Max T2B


Can you stay relaxed and pull hard on the rower? Every wonder how that person next to you is going so much slower on their strokes but finishing faster than you? Efficiency in each stroke is the key, max power output each time with a steady stroke rate. How do you develop this??? Practice…

Workout 05/16/2019

A - Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes

10 Deadlift

*Escalate Load

B - For Time

1000m Row

50 Strict Press (45/35)

30 Front Squats